Titan Eqt Monitoring System launch press release

Titan Eqt Monitoring System launch press release

Innovative asset management system delivers industry’s first flat rate, automatic updating telemetry solution for construction equipment

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, December 13, 2006 – DPL Telematics, a leading provider of advanced wireless and GPS products for the construction industry, announced today the release of the Titan Equipment Monitoring System for mobile, off-road equipment. The Titan is an advanced solution for remote monitoring and tracking of off-road assets to increase asset profitability and productivity while decreasing the costs and risk of equipment theft. Features include: automatic and on-demand location updates, remote starter disable capabilities, real time updates of machine on/off/in transit status, hour meter reporting with daily run time log, service scheduling with past due notices and digital inputs for sensor alarming.

The Titan Equipment Monitoring System allows managers to track their assets continuously and accurately from a robust, Internet based software package. Once covertly installed on an asset, the rugged Titan hardware unit wirelessly reports the machine’s activity, location, status and other operational data to the software. The system communicates over the GPRS network, North America’s largest pure digital data network. The resulting combination is a tool for intelligent, real time fleet management decisions delivering utilization increases, reduced operational costs and theft protection.

By offering a flat rate monitoring plan, the Titan becomes the construction industry’s first telemetry system to break from the traditional mobile phone billing model. The standard phone model offers set plans with an allotted number of communications (similar to minutes on a cell phone), overage charges for excess communications, an activation fee and annual or multi-year service contracts.

Another industry first is automatic location and status updates based on the asset’s routine operational events, as they occur throughout the day. By updating this information every time the machine is turned on, off and goes in transit, the Titan gives an equipment owner automatic, up to the minute visibility into his or her fleet.

“Customers and prospects have been asking for a better way to budget for, manage and justify their monthly messaging costs,” said Tony Nicoletti, National Sales Manager at DPL Telematics. “Everyone who has a mobile phone has opened up their bill at least once and been floored by the overage charges, so we understood where they were coming from.”

“Furthermore, customers wanted real time updates and information for real time decision making. As their time becomes more limited, they do not want to spend it requesting updates and waiting for responses from the system or using day old data to make decisions. With the Titan, they have true real time decision making power,” added Nicoletti.

The Titan is managed from the same Internet software as DPL Telematics Skyhawk Vehicle Tracking System, thus giving managers an integrated solution for real time, side-by-side mapping and management of both on-road and off-road assets.

About DPL Telematics
DPL Telematics is a leading provider of advanced asset monitoring and telemetry technologies for the construction, mining, rail and oilfield industries. With over 10 years experience and an excess of $430 million in customer mobile assets trusted to it, DPL Telematics delivers a single turnkey remote monitoring solution with a global reach of over 130 countries. Award winning products include the Titan Equipment Monitoring System for construction equipment and the Skyhawk Vehicle Tracking System for trucks. Additional information is available at www.dpltelematics.com.