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Roads. Rock. Rail. No Matter What Your Fleet Rides On, We Have A Solution For You.

We deliver rugged, reliable products, reinforced by market specific knowledge and in-depth experience working with companies just like yours. We’re flexible and always on the cutting edge of new technologies, and we’ve earned a reputation for the highest quality and service.

We have been delivering powerful technologies to your industry since the days of the dotcom frenzy, before the fears of Y2K were found to be overblown and hanging chads were front page news. Since 2000, over $830 million in mobile assets have been trusted to our award winning solutions. We deliver both rugged products and over a decade of experience working with companies just like yours.

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We Got Your Back.

Since our inception, we’ve survived market meltdowns, bubble bursts, and technology booms. We weathered the storms, outlasted the competition, and continued to innovate. And now, our partners and clients range from award winning Fleet Masters, to publicly traded entities, and single location businesses. No matter how big or small your operation is, we’ve got you covered.

Products And People You Can Count On.

Our promise is to deliver the most reliable products, with unsurpassed  support. We’ll show you how to deploy our hardware and software with minimum disruption and maximum efficiency, to improve operations and decision-making and reduce costs.

That’s our commitment to you

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