Equipment Dealers

GPS and Telematic Solutions for Equipment Dealers


While the TITAN is a valuable cost cutting tool for your clients, it is the ultimate customer support technology for you. Add even more value to your service contracts with real time fault codes, maintenance notifications, dashboard lamp alerts and usage breakdowns on your customer’s fleet. Now you have the preliminary diagnosis before your technician even heads out the door, ensuring the right parts and tools are brought for a single service call resolution. The TITAN remotely notifies you when your customer’s equipment is due for maintenance, as well as tells you which diagnostic fault codes are active, and maps exactly where it is for faster service attention. Additionally, when your customers use the
on their equipment, you are providing them with the most powerful theft protection and fleet management system on the market.
And if you have a rental feet, be sure to learn about the TITAN’s benefits for rental houses.
Now that you know which machines need service and exactly where they are, the SkyHawk is your tool to get your technicians there efficiently. The SkyHawk gives you continuous location updates of all your on road assets, so service and delivery drivers get to their destinations without any wasted time. With faster responses to customer requests, you add more value to your relationship.

Applicable Products

TITAN – CANBus & Equipment Monitoring

The rugged, award winning TITAN is built specifically for the rigors and challenges of the off-road environment. Know where your equipment is, how long it worked every day, when service is due, which diagnostic fault codes are showing and even remotely shut down your machine. Accurate, real time information for intelligent business decisions – delivering an average return on investment in 10 months or less.

Trackall – OBDII & GPS Tracking

The Trackall OBDII is an advanced solution for wireless monitoring and remote tracking of light duty vehicles to increase driver safety and productivity while reducing fleet costs.  The GPS unit has no external wiring or antenna and plugs into the existing OBDII port in most vehicles, installing in seconds.  Trackall monitors everywhere your trucks go and logs: every stop, start, idling, speed, and route with up to 1 minute automatic updates.  The truck's health is constantly monitored for fault codes, dashboard lamps and emissions compliance.