Apr 27 2015

MultiTrack wins Constructech’s distinguished Top Products of 2015 award

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Mar 01 2015

Trackall OBDII wins Construction Equipment Magazine’s prestigious Top 100 products of 2014 award

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Oct 22 2014

DPL Telematics launches MultiTrack, portable battery powered tracking system for trailers and smaller assets

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15 Years and Counting

We have been providing powerful technologies to your industry since the days of the dotcom frenzy, before the fears of Y2K were found to be overblown and hanging chads were front page news. Since 2000, over $740 million in mobile assets have been trusted to our award winning solutions. We deliver both rugged products and over a decade of experience working with companies just like yours.


We understand that not all assets are created equal, what might have worked on a truck yesterday will not work on a loader today. For that reason we are the total fleet solution, pairing the appropriate product for your short and long term needs across your entire operation from on road vehicles to off road equipment.

Put our expertise to work for you.