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Heavy Equipment News (August,2003)
Smart Savings for the Job Site

Construction (July,2005)
Theft Prevention Technology

Construction Business Owner (May,2006)
GPS Technology for Theft Protection

Rental Equipment Register (December,2006)
The GPS Advantage

Utility Contractor (October,2007)
Keep on Trackin'

Utility Contractor (January,2008)
Stopping the Smooth Criminal

Modern Contractor Solutions (January,2008)
GPS Technology For Theft Protection

Modern Contractor Solutions (March,2008)
Utilizing Vehicle Tracking Systems

Utility Contractor (January,2009)
CSE Crime Scene Equipment

Construction Business Owner (March,2009)
GPS Technology: The Next Evolution in Theft Protection

Government Buyer (January,2010)
Finding Fleet Savings in the Stars

Utility Contractor (March,2010)
The Return of the Investment

For Construction Pros (July,2010)
Wireless Asset Tracking and Management in Today's Economy