MultiTrack – Hardwired tracking with battery backup

MultiTrack – Hardwired tracking with battery backup

The MultiTrack has its own internal battery that lasts up to 16 weeks on a single charge, and recharges in just 3 hours via a wall plug. The system notifies you whenever the host asset begins moving or on demand via “ping”. You may also define curfews and be alerted whenever there is unauthorized activity.
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Small, Portable, Rugged & Covert

The compact, rugged and waterproof unit is self-contained with no external antenna or wires to run – which means a quick “slap and track” installation for you. It also makes the MultiTrack easy to redeploy from one asset to another, without requiring a dedicated unit for every machine in your fleet. Best of all, the system transmits with little to no sky view so you can hide it out of sight underneath or inside certain assets.

Tether for Trailer Tracking

The MultiTrack has a tethering option which allows the unit to recharge via tail lights whenever the trailer is hitched. When the trailer is unpowered, the unit uses its internal battery power to transmit and keep you connected. Data includes location, speed, travel time, route, unauthorized movement and tow alerts.

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Try it on: equipment, trucks, trailers, generators, compressors, light plants, arrow boards – the list is endless. With no install time required, your field test will be up and running in minutes. If you like it then keep it, if not then just send it back.

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