TITAN helps collects past due rental

TITAN helps collects past due rental

Owner collects $40,000 past due rental with click of computer mouse

The “old” way of doing things

Mark* has been a rental house owner for years and understands the risks of renting equipment. Normally he gets his rental payments on time, but there are always those instances when the customer is late and nowhere to be found. Like so many rental house owners, Mark used to lament the old way of collecting payment: “You call and call but get nowhere and end up leaving messages. You just feel powerless knowing your machines are out there running and making money that you are being strung along on”.

Once Mark equipped his fleet with the powerful TITAN Equipment Monitoring System, that all changed quickly.

Putting you in control

After repeated calls to collect a significantly past due rental of $40,000, Mark had had enough. From the TITAN’s Internet software he sent a wireless command to lock out the machine. The remote lock out request, unique only to the TITAN Equipment Monitoring System, disables the machine from starting within minutes. He also checked the rental’s location via the TITAN’s remote GPS locating capabilities to make sure it was still where it should be.Within 20 minutes his phone rang with a call from the renting contractor, requesting a service tech be dispatched to fix the nonworking machine. Mark explained that he would be glad to do it and that attention to the past due balance would go a long way toward expediting the process. Sure enough, an hour and a half later an employee from the contractor’s organization showed up at Mark’s office and handed him the check for the overdue amount. With another click from the TITAN’s Internet software, the machine was back up and running within minutes. To keep the ruse in effect, Mark has his nearest technician (located via the Skyhawk Vehicle Tracking System) swing by the jobsite and give the machine “a thorough inspection” to get it working again.

“I had the check for $40,000 in my hands an hour and a half later”
-Mark, Rental House owner



More than just fast collections

In addition to being the most innovative collection technology available, the TITAN also doubles as a powerful theft protection system. With the instance of rental theft on the dramatic rise, as thieves rent equipment with fake credentials, the TITAN provides peace of mind for every rental house owner. As Mark can attest, there is no better way to keep an eye on first time renters.

"The TITAN gives me total control over my fleet wherever it goes anywhere, anytime. Being able to lock out a nonpaying or suspicious customer makes every penny worth it"

Mark, New Jersey Rental House owner

Former past due payment victim