Press Releases

In its inaugural year, the TITAN Equipment Monitoring System received Top Product honors from two of the industry’s leading publications. This feat has never been accomplished before by either a theft protection or fleet management system

DPL Telematics launches AssetView Tracking System for affordable, long-life battery powered tracking (May 16 ,2018)

DPL Telematics launches plug-in OBDII GPS Tracking System with anti-tamper protection (Mar 28 ,2016)

DPL Telematics releases satellite communications for the Titan Equipment Monitoring System (Oct 06 ,2015)

DPL Telematics launches MultiTrack, portable battery powered tracking system for trailers and smaller assets (Oct 15 ,2014)

DPL Telematics launches Trackall OBDII System (Feb 05 ,2014)

DPL Telematics launches industry’s first universal CAN Bus Telematics solution (Feb 02 ,2012)

PressurePro and DPL Telematics Announce TPMS/Telemetry Integrated Solution (Jun 07 ,2011)

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas selects DPL Telematics as telemetry provider for entire Western Hemisphere (Dec 01 ,2010)

DPL Telematics and OneBeacon partner with savings (Oct 07 ,2008)

Canadian Rental Assn selects DPL Telematics (Aug 07 ,2007)

Titan Eqt Monitoring System launch press release (Dec 13 ,2006)

ARA raffles off Titan unit to help stop equipment theft (Oct 31 ,2006)

Leavitt Group and DPL Telematics launch the industry’s first insurance reduction program for equipment owners (May 01 ,2006)

True Value endorses the DPL product line (Dec 06 ,2005)

SkyHawk Vehicle Tracking System Press Release (Jan 18 ,2005)

TITAN Anti Theft System Press Release (Jun 23 ,2003)