Ruggedized hardware

Every ruggedized hardware unit is individually tested to ensure flawless, reliable performance — even in the harshest working environments. Once installed on your mobile assets, the unit continuously receives location data from GPS satellites and communicates with you via global wireless networks.

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Wireless Communication

Data sent from, and real time requests to, the hardware unit travel across continent-wide wireless networks in a matter of seconds. We have the flexibility to offer both 3G HSPA or CDMA cellular bands as well as the Iridium satellite network, giving you the greatest possible coverage in both urban and rural areas.

Internet Software

Any Internet connected computer puts you directly in touch with your fleet via easy to use software and mobile app, anytime. View a detailed archive of reported data, request real time actions from your units and map all your assets down to the street level. Manage your fleet data with preconfigured reports, in both printable and spreadsheet exportable formats, or integrate it directly into your existing business systems. Fully redundant servers deliver secure access to your fleet data for maximum reliability.

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