SkyHawk Vehicle Tracking System Press Release

SkyHawk Vehicle Tracking System Press Release

Innovative vehicle solution delivers superior dispatching and increases driver productivity

CAMPBELL, CA — January 18, 2005 — DPL Telematics , a leading provider of advanced wireless and GPS products for the construction industry, announced today the release of the SkyHawk Vehicle Tracking System for mobile, over the road fleets. The SkyHawk is an advanced asset tracking solution for remote monitoring and tracking of on-road vehicles to increase driver productivity while reducing fleet costs. Features include automatic vehicle location updates, infinite route history archive, start/stop identifications, speed alarms, idle time identifications and proactive maintenance notifications.

The SkyHawk Vehicle Tracking System allows managers to track their assets continuously and accurately from a robust, Internet based software package. Once covertly installed on a vehicle, the rugged SkyHawk hardware unit wirelessly reports the asset’s activity, location and other operational data to the software. The resulting combination is a tool for intelligent, real time fleet management decisions delivering superior dispatching, less wasted driver time and reduced fleet costs. Using the SkyHawk’s operational reports to curb the effects of vehicle idling and excessive speeding, users will also see a significant reduction in fuel and maintenance costs.

The SkyHawk is managed from the same Internet software as DPL’s award winning TITAN Equipment Monitoring System, thus giving managers the industry’s first integrated solution for real time, side-by-side mapping and management of both on-road and off-road assets.

“In today’s competitive environment, managers are looking for an affordable fleet management solution to ensure the right service or delivery truck gets to the right destination safely and efficiently,” said Gary Shade, Director of Sales and Marketing for DPL Telematics. “In the SkyHawk we have combined those crucial requirements into a system which delivers a fast return on investment for any vehicle owner.”

“Furthermore, managers with an off road equipment fleet will see even more logistical improvements with the integrated mapping capabilities of both the SkyHawk and the TITAN Equipment Monitoring System,” added Shade.

DPL Telematics is a leading provider of advanced asset monitoring and telemetry technologies for the construction, mining, rail and oilfield industries. With over 10 years experience and an excess of $430 million in customer mobile assets trusted to it, DPL Telematics delivers a single turnkey remote monitoring solution with a global reach of over 130 countries. Award winning products include the Titan Equipment Monitoring System for construction equipment and the Skyhawk Vehicle Tracking System for trucks.

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