CANBus & Equipment Monitoring

The TITAN is your complete, affordable solution to reduce the costs of equipment theft, poor maintenance and inefficiencies.

In its inaugural year, the TITAN was awarded Top Product honors twice — a feat never before accomplished by a theft protection, GPS or fleet management system. Complete with CAN Bus capabilities, global satellite communications, multiple inputs, advanced power management functionality it is no surprise that most customers achieve a full ROI in ten months or less.


Equipment Management

Locating your machines and manually collecting hour meter and fuel readings is time intensive and error prone, which is why the TITAN automatically does it all for you. The TITAN’s simple reporting shows you machine and jobsite comparisons of runtime, idle and fuel consumption. Armed with the real numbers from the field, boosting utilization and redistributing your fleet becomes easy.

Titan 1

Service Management

In addition to collecting production data, the TITAN also continuously monitors your machine’s operator station lamp statuses, temperatures, pressures and diagnostic fault codes. The TITAN even notifies you when your machine is due for routine maintenance and delivers its location on a street level map for faster service attention. And if a problem should occur, you can remotely access the log of diagnostic codes via CAN Bus to ensure your technician brings the right parts and tools for a single service call resolution. Keeping your service schedule on track with the TITAN means you will never incur the costs of over or under maintaining your equipment.

Titan 2

Theft Protection

The TITAN is the industry’s only proven theft protection solution that proactively prevents theft, as well as recovers stolen equipment. Using a combination of curfews, keyswitch alarms, geofences and machine immobilization techniques the TITAN ensures your valuable equipment is always safe. Should a theft attempt or unauthorized use occur, the TITAN calls you immediately to report the suspicious activity. If your machine goes on the move, then simply map your equipment’s location right from your computer. And for ultimate control, use the TITAN’s unique remote shutoff feature to disable your machine remotely.

And More

All data is archived, so you have a complete history of your fleet’s activity for more accurate billing and cost accounting. Turn back the clock weeks, months or even years to see your machine’s exact activity on any particular day. The TITAN presents all your machine information in printable and spreadsheet exportable formats, for immediate use and integration into existing software packages. Map and manage all your mobile assets from our web-based software. Learn more about our integrated solutions for your vehicles and service trucks.

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