TITAN Anti Theft System Press Release

TITAN Anti Theft System Press Release

Innovative construction industry solution combats theft with groundbreaking prevention technology

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — June 23, 2003 — DPL Telematics announced today the release of the TITAN Equipment Monitoring System, the first theft prevention technology of its kind for the construction industry. Once covertly installed on a machine, the innovative TITAN system automatically immobilizes that machine every night to eliminate unauthorized movement and theft.

Built exclusively for the construction industry, the TITAN system protects all equipment types and models, regardless of manufacturer. A revolutionary feature unique to the TITAN Equipment Monitoring System is its ability to routinely immobilize heavy equipment without manual locks, special keys, or user programming.

The TITAN system also doubles as a powerful fleet management tool. Managers may remotely monitor equipment engine hours and location via the wireless reporting capabilities of the system. Using these features, the TITAN also delivers reduced maintenance costs, more accurate billing, and increased fleet utilization.

“In today’s challenging economic environment, the rapid rise in equipment theft and resulting insurance hikes underscore the necessity for affordable and effective machine security,” said Carl Farbmann, director of Sales and Marketing at DPL Telematics. “In TITAN we have combined those crucial requirements into one system which delivers a substantial return on investment for any equipment owner.”

“Previously, heavy equipment theft protection technology was centered around recovery and notification after a machine was stolen. The unique focus of the TITAN system is to prevent theft from occurring in the first place, although it has theft notifications and recovery features as well. The solution is proactive prevention rather than reactive recovery,” added Farbmann.

DPL Telematics is a leading provider of advanced asset monitoring and telemetry technologies for the construction, mining, rail and oilfield industries. With over 10 years experience and an excess of $430 million in customer mobile assets trusted to it, DPL Telematics delivers a single turnkey remote monitoring solution with a global reach of over 130 countries. Award winning products include the Titan Equipment Monitoring System for construction equipment and the Skyhawk Vehicle Tracking System for trucks.

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