The Countdown
Has Begun

The 3G sunset is on the horizon, with major network shutdowns beginning February 22, 2022. Some areas  have already degraded 3G networks, causing poor coverage and service. Planning your 4G upgrade path now with DPL Telematics will help avoid service disruption and unexpected expenses.

Fleet Audit

Assess 3G usage in your current equipment lineup, and research upgrade options.

Review Contracts

Determine which of your contracts expire, offer upgrades, or have cancellation penalties.

Determine Budget

Allocate funds for 4G upgrades, and account for savings from improved 4G performance and efficiency.

Prep for Installation

Backup data and settings, notify your team, and prepare for possible down time or migration challenges. Global component shortages are stretching lead times, so make sure to get your 4G devices in time!

With DPL Telematics You Won’t Be Left Behind

We have the experience and expertise to launch you into the future. With our comprehensive lineup of GPS tracking and telematics, we have solutions for every fleet and budget. We’ll ensure your 4G Migration is seamless, reliable and affordable.

Get your upgrades before the 3G sunset. Call 800.897.8093 to get started!

The DPL Telematics Lineup
Is Fully 4G Compatible.

Celebrating 20 Years

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