We have a proven track record of helping businesses just like yours find their competitive edge.

We’ve been helping businesses just like yours track their assets for 20 years, and in that same span of time, we’ve seen a long list of competitors go out of business, leaving their customers holding the bag. We’re still here, thriving and innovating, and we’ll be doing the same tomorrow.

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Finding the right asset tracking solutions for your needs can be a confusing challenge.

We can help – finding stuff is kind of our thing. And in a highly aggressive market, finding the tools to give you a competitive edge can be a real challenge. The eternal search for increased efficiency, reduced loss and risk, and better margins means you need a superior product with superior performance.
And now there are more solutions than ever for tracking your assets. Choosing the right one can be confusing. In a category filled with fresh-faced entries, there is a considerable advantage to doing business with an established and proven provider. We’re here for the long-term, providing support and warranty service for the duration of the product’s life.


For your rough-and-tumble average work day, it goes without saying that any solution you choose needs to be rugged enough to take it on the chin and keep going. We have a selection of IP68-rated devices that can withstand vibration, water, submersion, dust, mud and pretty much anything else thrown at them.

No hidden costs, add-ons, or long-term contracts.

Activation fees, support charges, maintenance fees, training fees, roaming charges  – these are some of the unpleasant surprises you may encounter in contracts with other providers. Precisely what is included in the “off-the-shelf” pricing, and what hidden charges could yet be undiscovered? What looks like a fair rate could quickly double or triple if you don’t thoroughly understand the pricing structure. Our policy has always been transparent, no-surprises pricing.
Some vendors require a multi-year contract, which can include early termination penalties. Others (like us) give you a month-to-month option. We also provide the flexibility to activate and deactivate for seasonal work or in response to business climate changes.

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Celebrating 20 Years

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