Company Longevity – Over a Decade of Innovation

We have been delivering powerful technologies to your industry since the days of the dotcom frenzy, before the fears of Y2K were found to be overblown and hanging chads were front page news. Since 2000, over $500 million in mobile assets have been trusted to our award winning solutions. We deliver both rugged products and over a deacde of experience working with companies just like yours.
Highly flexible in our activities and always on the edge of new technologies and developments, we use our strong technical background and market specific knowledge to maintain a reputation as a leader and solution provider. We understand that not all assets are created equal, what might have worked on a truck yesterday will not work on a loader today. For that reason we are the total fleet solution, pairing the appropriate product for your short and long term needs across your entire operation from on road vehicles to off road equipment.

Since our inception we have have seen the meltdown in the financial markets, housing and dotcom bubbles burst as well as the onset of the Great Recession. While the competition cut costs or vanished from the market, we not only weathered the storm but continued to innovate, invest in and enhance our ability to deliver powerful technologies for your unique needs.

Our partners and clients range from True Value’s cooperative of 1,100 stores to single location outfits, AEMP “Fleet Masters” award winning national contractors to three machine companies. From Hyundai Construction Equipment America to single store equipment dealerships.

No matter how big or small your operation is, we’ve got you covered.

Product Reliability and Support

Our goal is to deliver to you the most reliable product with unsurpassed after sale support. Every unit is built, tested and serviced with support available around-the-clock.

Once you choose to work with us, then our job truly begins – ensuring you receive unparalleled quality both before and after the sale. Rather than disrupt your business with a new technology, we show you how to extract the information you need to complement your existing operations and improve decision making.

Because that is our commitment:

A commitment to offer world-class solutions.
A commitment to deliver first-rate service.
A commitment to quality.
Our commitment to you.
Celebrating 20 Years

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