The Covid-19 virus is affecting almost everyone in the United States, but many are unsure of proper maintenance with their construction equipment and fleet vehicles. We where at DPL Telematics have created an easy to use guide on preventative measure related to the corona virus.


As always be sure to check out the official CDC website as a reference point for this information, and if you are believe you have any symptoms be sure to contact a health care professional for what to do.

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    Quick Covid-19 Safety Guide


    Handling Door Handles – The Virus can potentially live up to 2 week son metal and plastics. So before entering any vehicle you should open the doors with a disinfectant wipe that has alcohol in it. If you do not have a wet wipe clean your hands with a hand cleaner with at least 60% alcohol after touching the handle. If that is not available open the door using a throw away paper towel.


    Steering Wheels, Keys, Buttons, and Switches – This is another place the virus can linger. Clean the items using a wipe with alcohol in it, if not are available use hand sanitizer heavily to help kill the virus, if none of those are available be sure to avoid touching your face, head, or clothing while doing this. As the virus and spread from those items easily.


    Exiting The Vehicle – 30% of all people infected with the Corona virus will show no symptoms and still be able to infect others. The best method to help prevent spreading it is to clean all items you have touched with a wet wipe that has alcohol in it. Afterwards go to the nearest wash facility and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to remove all traces of the virus on you. Also be sure to wash your clothing as soon as you get home to make sure to kill any parts of it that may have attached themselves.


    We at DPL Telematics hope these quick precautionary measures can help you, your staff, and / or your business. As well we encourage you to seek professional help from a medical doctor if you have any other questions or feel you may be displaying symptoms of the virus. Information pulled from CDC website and trained doctors.



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