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Your fleet represents a significant leainvestment, and it needs the right protection. We have a spectrum of solutions to cover every need, starting with out award-winning AssetView line.

DPL has everything you want and more title.


It’s everything you wanted. And more than you expected.

For years our customers told us exactly what they were looking for in an asset tracking device. Rugged. Water-proof. Durable. Dependable. Easy to use.


We listened. And we’re pretty sure we nailed it.

DPL has everything you want.
DPL Rollover Detection Title


Rollover detection for best-in-class protection.

The AssetCommand Max features a tough, water-proof, nylon-glass composite housing, offering the ability to track and monitor any asset in the most demanding conditions and exposure. And you can take control of your assets with Starter Disable, the power to remotely disable and enable the starter.

DPL Rollover Detection

Aware Winning Product Line

We understand that not all assets are created equal, what might have worked on a truck yesterday will not work on a loader today. For that reason we are the total fleet solution, pairing the appropriate product for your short and long term needs across your entire operations from on road vehicles to off road equipment. Put our expertise to work for you.


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