Dump Truck Stolen From Minnesota Company

Dump Truck Stolen From Minnesota Construction Company


PINE CITY, MN – Shafer Contracting is seeking the public’s help in finding a stolen dump truck on the evening of Monday July 15th 2019.


Employees noticed the dump truck missing last Monday evening and contacted the Pine County Sheriff department immediately. It was also believed to have been seen on Highway 70 heading west. According to a reported eye witness.


The dump truck is a 2005 Sterling model. The exterior front of the truck, otherwise known as the cab section, is red in color. The back of the truck, other known as the dump box, is a yellow/orange coloring. There may also be some dried cement on the back. The cab doors also have a Minnesota license place of YAV1090.


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Please Call Pine County Police Department With Tips


Thieves seek out dump trucks as they are easy to rebrand and then sell to companies located in Southern American. The parts also are worth a good amount when sold to others worldwide. If the Dump Truck is not found within a short period of time, there is a high likelihood it is either not in the states or already dissembled. Making its recovery very difficult.


If any type of tracking system was included in the dump truck it would have been found within hours by local police and the owners would have their property back.


If you have seen this Dump Truck on Monday evening or know any other information regarding its whereabouts please contact the Pine Country Sheriff’s Office at 320-629-8380. Image thanks to CBS3 Duluth


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