Lowering Insurance Costs With Tracking Devices


Did you know that vehicle theft is actually on the rise. Based on the FBI’s yearly release on crime. Vehicles theft are on the rise. Many expect them to keep going up every year. So what is the best way for keeping vehicle(s) safe? That is a tracking system of course.


So while owning a tracking system is great, what are other benefits that come with this? That is lowering your overall insurance costs. Insurance companies know a stolen vehicle will cost them heavily for replacing it, so many have created incentives for having security systems installed in your vehicle(s). Multiple insurance companies actually count owning a tracking device as having a security system in your vehicle.


Even better it costs a low amount to save time and money too. Lets say you have insurance, and your vehicle is stolen, but you decided not to include a piece of tracking equipment. Well you are going to have a long downtime filing your claim with the insurance agency and waiting for them to process your claim. Whether it’s a work truck, delivery van, or a high end construction vehicle. This means you will be without your vehicle(s) and losing profits as jobs can not be completed.

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    Now lets say I installed a tracking systems and my vehicle(s) is stolen. Firstly I’ll easily view where my piece of property is via the dpltelematics tracking system. Then I’ll contact the local police station. The police will drive to that location and retrieve my property. If my vehicle is damaged in any way I’ll contact my insurance company and received compensation. If there little to no damage I’ll continue working on current contract, keeping a positive flow of income.


    This is why it will not only save you money in the long run. You’ll save money in the short term too. Owning a tracking system in work vehicles(s) is the way to go


    Source – iii.org

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