Skyhawk – CANBus & Vehicle Tracking

Built on the same award winning GPS and telematic technology as the TITAN, the SkyHawk Vehicle Tracking System gives you complete, real time visibility into your over-the-road fleet. With automatic location updates and an infinite archive of route history, your drivers are just a click away on your computer. View your entire fleet or track just a single vehicle anytime from our web software. And best of all, the same software displays your vehicles alongside your machines for easy management of all your mobile assets.


Don’t just take our word for it. Use our interactive Skyhawk Return on Investment Calculator to see how quickly our technology will pay for itself, and put that savings back in your pocket.

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    Logistics and Dispatching

    Automatic up to the minute location updates on your entire fleet means more efficient dispatching with less wasted driver time and more efficient pickup, delivery and service of your equipment. Significantly reduce the number of costly, empty loads by rerouting drivers to where they are needed in real time. While an empty load is lost money, the SkyHawk keeps your pickups and deliveries on track.
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    Improved Dispatching and Driver Accountability

    Having every driver’s route history at your fingertips is the intelligence you need to assess efficiency and resolve disputes. With every vehicle stop, start and idle clearly identified, there are never any questions as to where and how long your drivers stopped. With real time location updates reported automatically, it’s easy to help lost drivers find their way and respond to emergency situations faster.
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    Idling places unnecessary stress on your vehicles, often equivalent to driving at well over 80 miles per hour. And just like speeding, idling burns fuel at an accelerated rate and places additional wear and tear on your valuable assets. With the SkyHawk, you know both exactly how many hours your vehicles were driven every day and how many of those hours were spend idling. With a side-by-side readout of both items, curbing the costs of idling has never been easier.


    Speeding not only is a safety risk, but it also wrecks havoc on your vehicles’ tires, engine, and other major components. Speeding vehicles also consume significantly more fuel than a moderate paced one. Use the SkyHawk’s speed notification to bring all these costs under control. Real time notifications inform you when a driver goes too fast and the software archive maps the event along with the exact date and time of infraction.
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