GPS and Telematic Solutions for Rail Equipment

With your mobile assets spread across a vast region and always on the move, keeping track of everything is a challenge, if not an impossibility. Usage, fuel, service and location data that you do get is often late, missing or just plain wrong. Machine break downs require a technician trip to diagnose, while the project sits on hold.


The award winning TITAN Equipment Monitoring System is your affordable solution to reduce your fixed equipment costs while at the same time maintaining the same level of productivity and containing operating costs. Remotely capture all your equipment’s usage, idle, fuel consumption, fault codes and location. Armed with the real data from the field, the average rail customer will:


Right size their fleet, reduce total machines while maintaining the same level of productivity

Save an average of $726/machine per year in idling reductions

Substantially reduce repair costs

Slash insurance premiums by 20-50%

Significantly extend equipment life


While the TITAN keeps you in touch with your equipment, the Skyhawk Vehicle Tracking System gives you real time access to your vehicle fleet. Help your drivers be more efficient and maximize their productivity, while at the same time be safer with automatic location updates, speed notifications and route histories. Map your entire fleet of off and on road equipment in real time on a single map, to accelerate the delivery and service process.
The powerful combination of the TITAN and SkyHawk systems ensure you always have the right asset at the right time and place at the lowest possible cost.
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    TITAN – CANBus & Equipment Monitoring

    The rugged, award winning TITAN is built specifically for the rigors and challenges of the off-road environment. Know where your equipment is, how long it worked every day, when service is due, which diagnostic fault codes are showing and even remotely shut down your machine. Accurate, real time information for intelligent business decisions – delivering an average return on investment in 10 months or less.
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    Trackall – OBDII & GPS Tracking

    The Trackall OBDII is an advanced solution for wireless monitoring and remote tracking of light duty vehicles to increase driver safety and productivity while reducing fleet costs. The GPS unit has no external wiring or antenna and plugs into the existing OBDII port in most vehicles, installing in seconds. Trackall monitors everywhere your trucks go and logs: every stop, start, idling, speed, and route with up to 1 minute automatic updates. The truck’s health is constantly monitored for fault codes, dashboard lamps and emissions compliance.
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