Anyone can claim they have the best tracking products and services, but why claim things when we can show you. Read some of our stellar reviews from ongoing clients about our award winning products and services. You will see how we have saved hundreds of thousands for our clients, and why we are a leader in the tracking products and services industry.

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    Worth It

    “The Titan just saved me an $80,000 backhoe. I’d recommend putting it on everything you can’t afford to lose, it’s completely worth it.A small purchase now protects you from huge losses down the road.it’s an easy decision to make.”


    Bill Joiner, Owner of Joiner Construction

    Former equipment theft victim
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    “You really don’t know what is going on out there. In our case, having the Skyhawk information was invaluable to reducing theft of service and lawsuit risk.”



    VP of Operations at NTI
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    Total Control

    “The TITAN gives me total control over my fleet wherever it goes anywhere, anytime. Being able to lock out a nonpaying or suspicious customer makes every penny worth it”


    Mark, New Jersey Rental House owner

    Former past due payment victim
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    Saved Me

    “Within 2 hours we had the machine back in sight. For just a $32,000 machine the Titan was well worth it. It saved me $2,000 with the insurance and a lot of grief”


    Pete Murphy

    Owner of Murphy’s Contractors Equipment
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    “Knowing the hours and location in case a situation arises is as much the reason we selected the TITAN as theft protection. Having access to the equipment’s history to use in case a dispute arises is invaluable and undisputable evidence for proper resolution. In this case we picked up a second day’s rental, where before we simply would have never known”


    Warren Darby, Owner of Rent E Quip

    Former under-billing victim
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