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TITAN Helps Equipment Manager Save $10,000

For the fourth time in six months, Dave, equipment manager at a prominent Georgia construction company, got the all-too-familiar call that a backhoe was missing from its jobsite.


Previously, his three stolen machines were equipped with recovery systems that relied on police response alone. When none of them were recovered, his insurance skyrocketed and he opted to protect his equipment with the robust TITAN Equipment Monitoring System. That decision paid off immediately.

Bulldozers at the Site

The Solution

Seconds after receiving the stolen machine report from his foreman, Dave sat down at his computer and “pinged” the missing machine for its location. A minute later the TITAN pinpointed the backhoe just under a mile away from its jobsite.


Several employees quickly arrived at that location to find the John Deere 410E in a heavily forested area, expertly wedged in a crevice between several large trees.


This practice of stashing equipment in remote areas is a common and effective one for professional thieves. Criminals enter the jobsite in the middle of the day and drive the machine out to a predetermined “safe” location, the tree crevice in this instance. Several weeks later, after search efforts die down, the thieves return for their spoils.

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