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TITAN Helps Rental House Owner 
Find Lost Revenue

Warren Darby built his successful rental company, Rent E Quip, on hard work and trust. So when one of his best customers called one Monday night explaining that he wouldn’t have his rented backhoe back until the following morning, Warren thought nothing of it. When the following morning came around, the customer explained that he was in the middle of pouring concrete and would have it back that afternoon without exception.


When the machine did return, Warren informed the customer that since he had run it an extra 2.6 hours that day after he called it off rent the night before, and would be charged an extra day’s rental. The bewildered customer inquired how Warren could possibly know that, and Warren gladly explained that the TITAN Equipment Monitoring System remotely tracks every hour the machine runs every day. With an embarrassed smile the customer came clean, “Well, I’m busted then. I did take it to another job and run it this morning”.

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Putting Your Fleet At Your Fingertips: Anywhere, Anytime

A powerful feature set for rental houses is the TITAN’s automatic reporting schedule: delivering the daily hour meter reading, machine’s location and the hours since maintenance wirelessly to any Internet connected computer. The TITAN’s software delivers a total usage report for customer defined date ranges, such the duration of a rental, for a quick check to identify double shifts, “off rent” time and overuse. And in case the asset’s hour meter breaks or is tampered with, the TITAN’s meter runs independently for verifiable usage data.


Every morning at 5 AM, the Rent E Quip fleet checks itself in remotely from all across the Mid-Atlantic via the covert TITAN Equipment Monitoring System. So when the machine returned suspiciously late that afternoon, Warren simply checked the hour meter reading against that morning’s report and found a difference of 2.6 hours. Additionally, once the customer requested the afternoon delivery, Warren “pinged” the machine for its real time location. Sure enough, the backhoe was on a different job miles away from where it had been that morning.

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