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TITAN Recovers 3 Machines in 3 Weeks with
11 Straight Recoveries

At 10:00 PM under the protection of night, three thieves crept into a quiet jobsite off US Highway 550. When their target, a John Deere 310SG, didn’t start they suspected a master disconnect switch was the cause. They immediately left the jobsite for cables to wire around the disconnect switch. Upon their return they wired across the battery, got the backhoe running and began driving it down the street with their white GMC truck close behind. Before they even got a mile from the site, several police cruisers performed a felony stop on the backhoe/truck tandem and caught the vandals red handed. By the time owner Bill Joiner arrived on the scene, the three thieves were handcuffed and lying on the ground.

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How It Works

The TITAN protects your equipment in three powerful layers: proactive prevention, real time notification and GPS for location. The first level of defense, proactive prevention, thwarts the thievesat the scene and stalls their theft attempt. At the same time, a real time notification silently calls for help and provides the GPS location. This unique approach not only catches the criminals in the act, but significantly reduces the risk of damage to your machine.


In the case of the attempted Joiner heist, the TITAN’s proactive disable feature extended a routine 20-minute theft into an hour and a half effort. During that entire extended process and unknown to the vandals, a number of silent alarmscontinually alerted Joiner employees and the police. The TITAN’s GPS location even pinpointed the machine on a street level map, making it easy for the authorities to find the criminals.


“Now I focus on running my company instead of worrying about whether or not my equipment will be around in the morning. The TITAN gives me that peace of mind.”

-Bill Joiner, owner of Joiner Construction

Leave It To The Pros

A search of the white GMC truck uncovered a cluster of universal keys for nearly every machine make as well as other burglary tools. As it turned out, the truck itself was also stolen property. A scan of the backhoe revealed that the thieves had painted over all Joiner Construction identifying marks and decals.


The major players in the $1 billion equipment theft market are organized crime rings, and the Joiner thieves were no exception. Fortunately, the ringleader was one of the vandals apprehended in the attempted robbery and all three men face serious criminal charges.As evidenced by this bust, professionals are very selective in the equipment they target as well as very exact and calculating in their methods. It is these specific methods for which the TITAN Anti-Theft System monitors and counteracts.

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